Diane Williamson

Diane’s art is about an expression of inspiration that comes from beyond her personal self. As ideas are non-physical things, Diane sees them as unlimited and as a result, many of her paintings appear quickly and complete in her mind due to being inspired by a place, music, colours, nature, or simply reading a sentence - seeing something physically but immediately visualising it, re-interpreted. She usually ‘paints’ most of her work mentally first, sometimes over a few weeks, even deciding on brushes, size, colours and format, then “copying” the painting from thought to board spending a lot of time on details and always aiming for a dynamic effect and often circular composition

.She interprets and re-creates what she loves and appreciates in life, aiming to raise the consciousness of the viewer, to an awareness of the good and the beautiful in the universe, both seen and unseen.

She used to work in pastels and sold all of these but now works in acrylic and oils. 

When painting she is completely absorbed thinking about harmony in shapes, colours and ideas. Occasionally she still paints something in a realist style but recently has been attracted instead to a detailed but abstract, geometric hard-edged style. This seems to gel more with her study of metaphysics and seeing things as thoughts and ideas.