Aunty Loves Birdies


Aunty Loves Birdies takes birdies very seriously.

Aunty is a proud aunt to four children.  She has an obsession for painting Australian birds and flowers and as a result of watching her passion over the years her family coined the term ‘Aunty Loves Birdies’.   A qualified and professional artist for more than 20 years Aunty has a renowned and unique style using vibrant, bold and happy colours.

Inspired by the incredible colours found in the Australian bush — leaves, flowers, earth, sky and of course feathers, Aunty believes that people literally need touches of colour to get through their day.  It is such a source of joy, that’s why it is at the heart of her designs.   There is great respect for the Australian bush behind all of Aunty’s creations and she sees her job as bringing a bit of Australian nature into your home.

Having grown up in the bush in outer North-East Melbourne, Aunty was surrounded by natural beauty and abundant birdlife.  As a child she bred budgies, raised orphaned Magpies and hand-reared a Rainbow Lorikeet, aptly named Birdie.  She grew up with a bird feeder and bird bath in a blooming garden by the kitchen window where she enjoyed family meals and cups of tea watching all the different feathered pretties come to visit.   

Aunty Loves Birdies designs are collectable.  She makes all her artworks with passion, talent and care, so they can be loved by you forever.  It makes Aunty smile to think of her creations living on in your homes.